Central Catholic High School (secured)

Upcoming events:

Monday, November 13 at Corpus Christi
 4:35pm - Cheerleaders and squad
 4:45pm - 5th grade boys basketball players and team
 4:50pm - 6th grade boys 
 5:05pm - 7th grade boys 
 5:10pm - 8th grade boys

Wednesday, December 13 at Epiphany
 3:25pm - 8th grade girls volleyball
 3:35pm - 7th grade 
 3:45pm - 6th grade 
 3:55pm - 5th grade 
 4:05pm - Basketball Cheerleaders

Thursday, January 11 at Corpus Christi
 3:25pm - 5th grade girls volleyball
 3:35pm - 6th grade 
 3:45pm - 7th grade 
 3:55pm - 8th grade 


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