Central Catholic High School (secured)

Upcoming events:

8/20  Wed 2:45pm - CCHS student portraits who were absent on 8/14
8/20  Wed 5:00pm - Fightin Irish Bantam and Juniors at Clearwater Park
8/20  Wed 5:30pm - Fightin Irish JV and Varsity

8/21  Thu Cougars 5:40pm 5/6 Flag, 5:40 6/7 Flag, 6:00 6/7 Flag at Tipton

8/23  Sat 8:00am - CCHS Football portraits  (JV at 8am, Varsity at 8:30am)

8/24  Sun 9:00am - Bulldogs Flag & Cheer
8/24  Sun 10:00am- Bulldogs Varsity and JV
8/24  Sun 10:30am - Bulldogs Juniors and Bantam

8/25  Mon Cougars 5:40pm Squirt, 5:40pm PW Black (25), 6:10pm PW Teal (26) at Tipton
8/25  Mon Cougars 6:20pm Cheer (big squad) at Northpoint

8/26  Tue Cougars 5:40pm JV Black, 5:40pm JV White, 6:00pm JV Teal at Northpoint

8/27  Wed Cougars 5:40pm Varsity(26), 5:40pm Senior Teal(19), 6:00pm Senior Black(19) at Northpoint

8/28  Thu Cougars (rain make-up day if needed)

9/27  Sat 10:00am - Fightin Irish organization at IWU

10/4  Sat 7:00pm - CCHS Homecoming


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